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Finding tradesmen is easy. Finding quality, reliable and pre-screened tradesmen in your area is more difficult. That's precisely why Approved Services was started, to connect you the visitor with tradesmen that have been vetted and rated by other customers like yourself. That coupled with free quotes means it's easy to save on your next project.

The quotes you receive come direct from a specialist network which consists of over 30,000 contractors who have all been vetted and approved prior to acceptance. In fact our specialist network of tradesmen we access provide around 900 quotes every single day! What's more the quotes they provide for your work are completely obligation-free, so you don't have to commit to any of them there and then. Why not see how much you can save on our next home improvement project using our free quote service today.

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28 Feb Carpentry: Would like to turn the space under the stairs to a full closet. It's not big enough for a toilet so a custom closet/storage space is preferred. Please contact with suggestions and costs.

28 Feb Decking: We would like to extend our current decking around the side of the house to create better access over sloping ground. Decking will need to be raised. Cheapest quotes for the work will secure.

28 Feb Heating: We need additional heating installed into our new garage conversion. To consist of a double-radiator and appropriate plumbing. We've been reliably informed our boiler is up to the job.

28 Feb Fencing: Secure fencing needed for a new kennel compound on our land. Needs to be animal safe and animal proof, plus tall enough to avoid any escapes. Please advise on best solution. Start ASAP.