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Finding tradesmen is easy. Finding quality, reliable and pre-screened tradesmen in your area is more difficult. That's precisely why Approved Services was started, to connect you the visitor with tradesmen that have been vetted and rated by other customers like yourself. That coupled with free quotes means it's easy to save on your next project.

The quotes you receive come direct from a specialist network which consists of over 30,000 contractors who have all been vetted and approved prior to acceptance. In fact our specialist network of tradesmen we access provide around 900 quotes every single day! What's more the quotes they provide for your work are completely obligation-free, so you don't have to commit to any of them there and then. Why not see how much you can save on our next home improvement project using our free quote service today.

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07 May Garages: I would like an electric garage door fitted. I've fitted a cheap aftermarket model before but it doesn't open the door fully. I might be that I need a new lighter door also? Please advise.

07 May Boilers: Replacement boiler wanted. Our ancient Prima F needs replacing on the recommendation of the latest servicer. Looking for a cheap energy-efficient model to help with future servicing and gas bills too.

07 May Boilers: Rental apartment being modernised and in need of an efficient and reliable boiler. Need it to be very cost-effective in operation and servicing costs for example.

07 May Plumbing: We have extended our house (lower floor extension) and need the existing boiler moved to our new kitchen extension. No new boiler needed, just the existing one moved and plumbed in please.